Dream Sequence #2

Posted: August 3, 2010 in dreams / fantasy

The story I am posting here comes from what I dream and how these dreams confuse, contradict, simplify, excite, bring peace, pain and affect my outlook on life.   My dreams have embellished what I feel, they have handed out false prophecy and at other times they have given me hope, desire, truth and worth.

I believe dreams can ignite something or tear apart; embarrass or momentarily stop you from functioning.   

Our family caravan summer holidays in Charmouth were full of days playing on the beach, making palaces out of wet sand and mermaids out of seaweed and pretty shells.  And as the sun settled down on our days, we would drive off on treasure hunts to explore the coves and the old inns.  The fairground rides by the sea with the whiplash, candy floss and laughter would soon be lost, as my nights became absorbed with dreams. 

I would have the same dream, year in year out. I dreamt I was in an old library, full of smoky old smells and books upon aisles upon aisles.  I would go to one shelf and grab out at a book.  The front cover would read ‘Witches’, and I would go around the corner and get bombarded by a cluster of old cackling hags, coated in warts and exhaling bad breaths and potions.  The dream continued, with different creatures and happenings around each turning, depending on which book I picked up.  It would finish with me falling from the top bunk, thud thudding to the floor, where I would awake and cry.


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