Dream Sequence #5

Posted: August 6, 2010 in dreams / fantasy

I try to write all these dreams down.  Some dreams I know will never leave me.  There are others I haven’t written yet but remember them as clear as if I had just come from them.  Others will wander around with me throughout the day and then fade before I get a chance to write them down.  Some I remember just patches or vague images of…and some I just forget on waking!

Sometimes I can force myself back into dreams, in order to finish what was happening; to get to the better end – the end where I don’t fall or don’t suffocate. I can go back to my dream to find a faster way of getting away or a more daring way save the person I love.  I make myself go back to spend longer in the woods, where I walk with the wind, or to stay a little longer in that magical dance and perfect kiss.


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